Whatever your reason for deciding to study Martial Arts – maybe to learn self defense, keep physically fit, learn philosophy, reduce stress, develop discipline, stay focused, or even just to keep your child active – you have made the right decision.

Here at Victoria Karate Academy we custom fit the Martial Arts to your needs and goals, recognizing your personal characteristics. At Victoria Karate Academy, our professional instructors assist children, teenagers, and adults in gaining discipline and maturity through the time-honored tradition of TAE KWON DO. By mastering physical routines that require concentration and commitment, you will learn and earn virtues that will be of value to you in any situation you will ever encounter.

Victoria Karate Academy’s program is dedicated to develop coordination, increasing strength and flexibility, instilling a sense of achievement and accom- plishment in each student that will aid you in a lifetime of personal growth. Our program will help you to build the confidence to control situations, the ability to stand up to peer pressure, and the skills to handle intimidating situations.

Our rating as the #3 sport karate school in the world in 2007 speaks for itself. We take you and your goals seriously and are eager to assist you in assing a deeper sense of fulfillment to your life. Please feel free to browse our websire to learn more about our classes. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions.